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    Contact us any time with questions and concerns about the custom printed paper box, E flute corrugated box, paper bag, custom corrugated box, rigid paper box, gift paper box and display box, if you would like us to produce the printed boxes for you.

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    Email is preferred if you would like us to quote you a price, because you can organize your thoughts in the email and illustrate your idea with the pictures. Also you can give us the artwork in the attachment. Then everything will be black and white in case of any future mistakes. When you write us an email for a price quote, please give us as more details as possible. Then we can better understand your needs and give you an accurate price quote.

    For any questions about the sales, please contact Kris at And email Jane if you have any questions about the paper box design.

    The EMAIL is preferred due to the time difference between countries. Skype is not recommended.



    Let's Talk On The Skype

    Skype is convenient when you want to talk with us directly. However, our skype may not be online at your work time due to the time difference. Actually, if you would like us to give you a more detailed reply about your questions, an email is preferred. When our sales get your email, they will prepare well the answer for you and reply you the answers in the email.

    If you still would like to talk with our sales directly for an quick answer, just add our official Skype ID (de.printing) to your contact list, then our staff will contact you and talk with you about the paper boxes you need.

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    Call Us On The Phone

    Due to the time difference, we may not always receive your call. When you want to give us a call, please pay attention to the time zone. We use the GTM+8, Beijing time. Also, English is not our first language, we may not understand you very well on the phone. Therefore, if possible, please send us an email.

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    Shanghai Printing Facility 1: No. 1200 Guchen Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.

    Shanghai Rigid Box Facility: Damuye Road, Fengxian Development Zone, Fengxian District

    Zhejiang Corrugated Box Facility: Dayangcheng Industrial Park, Daxi Town, Wenling City.

    Tel: (+)86-18516194288

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