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    As a leading China packaging box supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies custom paper boxes with the soft touch finish. This soft touch finish is widely used for luxury rigid paper boxes, gift paper boxes, cosmetic paper boxes and printed paper boxes. Also because of its great scuff-resistance property, it is widely used for custom paper boxes with large area solid color printing, like red, blue, yellow and so on.

    matte laminated custom paper box
    Soft Touch Laminating

    What is Soft Touch

    As its name suggests, you feel soft when you touch the custom paper box with soft touch finish. And the feel is fantastic. Just imagine how you are feeling when you are trying to touch the short-napped velvet, smooth suede, or soft chamois leather, then you will come to understand its great tactile property. Because the cost of the soft touch finish is quite expensive, they are specially used for the luxury packaging boxes, or paper bags.

    How to Add Soft Touch

    There are usually 3 ways to add the soft touch finish to the printed paper box as below. They are soft touch laminating, soft touch coating and soft touch paper. In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we adopt the laminating method on the paper printed boxes, because it has the gorgeous soft touch effect while being cost effective. Also when our client has a very high quality requirement, we use the soft touch paper.

    • Soft Touch Paper, most expensive
    • Soft Touch Varnish, most unconvenient
    • Soft Touch Laminating, most cost effective
    soft touch laminating paper box
    Soft Touch Paper Box

    The soft touch laminating is quite cost effective, because the soft touch finish can be done both for small order quantities and large order quantities. And the unit cost won't vary a lot.

    Soft Touch Laminting

    For the soft touch laminating, it combines the softness of a rose petal with the strength of the matte laminating. While the process is much the same as the ordinary glossy laminating and matte laminating. What makes it special is the film used — BOPP.

    The soft touch laminating is a piece of soft thin plastic film called BOPP. BOPP refers to Bioriented Polypropylene film (BOPP. It is a soft touch textured film with unique tactile finish and an extra matte look. The matte side has an excellent velvet effect as well as a high dyne level to improve the printing quality. The soft touch film has great tactile properties and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect very similar to the peach skin. It is an exceptional finish for paper printed boxes in search of a touch distinction and a luxury feeling. This film is printable, glue-able and stamp-able. It has been widely used in the custom luxury packaging boxes like cosmetic paper boxes, rigid paper boxes, cardboard setup boxes, gift paper boxes and some electronics packaging paper boxes. Because the cost of the soft touch finish is very expensive, it is rarely used on the corrugated printed boxes and cartons.

    Why You Need Soft Touch

    The advantages of the soft touch laminating are listed as below:

    • Add a strong velvet effect and luxury feel
    • Add a nice and special matte effect
    • Great anti-scuff, anti-scratch property

    The soft touch laminating provides a very good solution to the scratch problem of the matte black paper boxes due to its great anti-scratch effect.

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