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  • Slipcase & Slide Paper Box

    As a leading China rigid paper box supplier and gift paper box manufacturer, Shanghai DE Printed Box produces and supplies the custom slide paper boxes, sliding rigid boxes, sleeves, slipcases, which is one of our most featured custom paper box products.

    Also referred to as drawer paper box, slipcase, matchbox style paper box, the sliding rigid paper box and cardboard gift box is one of our most featured custom rigid paper box products.

    slide paper box, drawer paper box, sleeves, slipcase
    Sleeves and Tray
    sleeves and tray, slipcases
    Slide Paper Box

    The sliding rigid box and slipcase are widely used for the packaging of up-scale books, CD, softwares, jewelry products, electronic products and cosmetic products, health and beauty products, personal care products. Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies and manufactures the custom made sliding rigid box in various size, paper, printing and finish.

    Structure and Material

    The difference between the sliding box and slipcase is that the slipcase has only one open side and the match box style sliding rigid box has 2 open side. Both styles have the cardboard tray or drawer inside. The box consists of an outer cover(sleeves or slipcase) and an inner tray or drawer. Often there are some inserts inside to protect and secure the product. There is usually a ribbon pull(ribbon tab) attached on the tray(drawer). Then the consumers can easily slide the tray out.

    The rigid sliding box and slip case are mostly used of the 2mm thick greyboard inside, which provides enough strength to the box for the good protection of the products inside. Sometimes, 3mm paperboard is used when extra strength is necessary. As for the wrapping paper, there are many options, like black specialty paper, soft touch paper, textured paper with various patterns. Also, it can be a die-cut folding paper box made purely of the 400-600gsm SBS C1S paperboard.

    The sliding rigid box usually comes with an EVA foam insert or thermoformed tray insert inside. The insert color can be black, white, grey or some other colors. Usually the slide rigid box need be packed inside an outer corrugated printed box for shipment and mailing.

    Sliding Rigid Box

    The sliding rigid box is a custom paper box, which can be used as a presentation paper box, gift paper box for the luxury upscale products. The custom rigid paper box below is a typical sliding rigid box. The logo has the gold foil finish on the top of the box and there is a ribbon tab on the drawer.

    slide rigid paper box, presentation paper box, cardboard gift box
    Slide Rigid Box With Ribbon Tab

    Sliding Gift Box With EVA Foam Inserts Inside

    The sliding rigid paper box is usually used with the EVA foam insert inside. The EVA foam inside has multiple layers and the upper layer has the custom cutout to hold and protect the items inside. For each layer of the EVA foam, it can have the custom color, black, grey, white and the custom thickness, 2mm to 50mm.

    slide rigid paper box with EVA foam insert inside, presentation paper box, cardboard gift box
    Slide Rigid Box With EVA Foam Insert
    slide rigid paper box with EVA foam insert inside, presentation paper box, cardboard gift box
    Slide Gift Box With EVA Foam Insert Inside

    Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom sliding paper box manufacturer. We make the slip boxes based on your artwork specification and sample box.

    Slide Paper Box

    Tray and sleeve box is a special kind of paper printed box, which is a folding paper box made of purely the SBS C1S paperboard. It has the structure of the match box or drawer box. Compared with the slide rigid box made of the grey board or chipboard inside, the folding slide paper box is much less expensive.

    tray and sleeve paper box, slide paper box
    Slide Paper Box, Slipcases

    Also, the folding sliding rigid box can be very strong by having the structure as below. The folding rigid box below is made of the 600gsm paperboard, which makes it quite rigid and durable. It has the ribbon tab for pulling on the drawer. This style is widely used for the cosmetic paper boxes.

    folding slide rigid box, slide paper box, cardboard gift box
    Slide Paper Box, Drawer Paper Box

    Graphic Design and Dieline Template

    For the slide paper boxes, we can supply you the dieline template, then you can put your artwork on the dieline. If the size is important to you and you can only accept a very small margin of error, the inner size of the paper printed box is preferred.

    slide paper box, drawer paper box, sleeves, slipcase
    Dieline Creating
    sleeves and tray, slipcases
    Slide Paper Box

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