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  • Aqueous Coating

    Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the custom paper printed box, corrugated printed box and custom paper bag with the aqueous coating.

    Aqueous Coating, also referred to as the AQ coating, is a water based coating applied on the print surface. Like the varnish coating, it protects the print surface from rough-handling, scuffing during the transits and distribution.

    The AQ coating is usually applied on all-over the printing surface of the box, which offers a better protection than the Gloss Varnish Coating. The Spot AQ coating are not very common due to the high costs and worse sharpness of the print color than the Spot UV.

    Characteristics of AQ Coating

    The Aqueous coating dries immediately on the production line. One one hand, it shortens the turn-around time, making it very ideal for the short-run printing. On the other hand, the blemish to the print during the drying process in the traditional coating is avoided due to the instant drying. Aqueous coatings help hide the surface flaws and roughness in the blank areas of cheap papers.

    Beside the print protection, the Aqueous coating has also some special characteristics.

    • More environment friendly than the Varnish coating.
    • Resistant to become yellow. Even after years, the color print on the box surface remain vivid and astonishing.
    • Fast drying to reduce the production turnaround time.

    The AQ coating or varnishing is widely used on the litho-laminated E flute corrugated printed box. It gives the custom paper box a glossy or matt look outside.

    Glossy Aqueous Coating

    Like the glossy varnishing, the glossy AQ coating makes the custom paper box have a shiny, glossy and smooth look.

    Printed Paper Box with AQ coating, glossy aqueous coating finish
    Gloss AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

    Matt Aqueous Coating

    The matt AQ coating gives the paper printed box a matt look outside. It is like the matt varnishing, which softens and flattens the images slightly and adds a feeling of luxury.

    corrugated printed box with AQ coating, matt aqueous coating finish
    Matt AQ Coating Paper Printed Box

    The matt black corrugated printed box is covered in a soft touch aqueous coating, with a high-gloss spot UV applied on the radio itself, as well as a few specified areas such as the side of the box.

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