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  • Foldable|Collapsible Rigid Paper Box

    Shanghai DE Printed Box produces and supplies the custom collapsible|foldable rigid paper boxes and cardboard gift boxes, which is one of our most featured cardboard gift box products.

    Also referred to as foldable rigid paper box, the collapsible is the favorite rigid box style for our clients in North America, Europe and Australia. The shipping cost of the rigid box is always a big concern for our client abroad due to the big volume. One benefit is that the box can be flat shipped. When the paper box is folded, then the total volume of the product will be much less to reduce the warehouse and freight cost. The other benefit is the easy assembling. The workers can set up the rigid box easily to place the product.

    flat shipping, collapsible rigid paper box, cardboard gift box

    The foldable rigid box usually costs more than the ordinary detachable lid paper box, because a lot more handicraft is involved in the box making process. But when the shipping cost is taken into consideration, the total cost will be much less.

    Usually the collapsible set up box has 2 pieces of magnets on the front panel for the box seal or closure.

    Shanghai DE Printed Box specializes in the custom made collapsible rigid box as per the request of your artwork and the details of your sample box. You can have a flat shipping box with the custom size, color, finish, insert and seal.

    collapsible rigid box, foldable rigid paper box, cardboard gift box

    Foldable Rigid Paper Box

    The foldable rigid box in the picture below is a matt white set up box. The box can be unfolded to a flat sheet for the shipping. When the boxes are delivered to the production line, it can be easily assembled for the product packaging. It is a very popular box for the garment and clothing packaging.

    slide rigid paper box, presentation paper box, cardboard gift box

    Flat Shipping Rigid Box

    Unlike the normal set up box which can not be folded, the collapsible rigid box is also called flat shipping rigid box because of the flat storage and shipping.

    flat shipped rigid cardboard box, cardboard gift box

    Advantage of the Collapsible Rigid Box

    The primary advantage of the collapsible rigid box is that it is foldable. The rigid setup box can be folded for the flat shipping. This special feature makes you save hundreds of US dollars when you are importing the boxes from us. When your order quantity is small, you can even ship the boxes by air. It takes only 4 to 7 days.

    However, there are disadvantages to the collapsible rigid box too. Because the box are completely hand made, the unit costs of the box will be a little higher than the traditional boxes, varying from 2-3 US dollars.

    foldable rigid set up box, cardboard gift box

    Free Dieline Template

    At DE Printed Box, we supply you the free dieline template of the collapsible rigid box. Then you can let your designer place the print design/layout/artwork on the template directly. This will save you a lot of time.

    free dieline template for the collapsible rigid box, cardboard gift box
    collapsible rigid box with spot uv pattern, cardboard gift box

    This is a spot UV varnished collapsible rigid box. The box has the matt black laminating. On the surface of the laminating is the spot UV varnished triangle pattern, very pretty.

    foldable collapsible rigid box with spot uv pattern, cardboard gift box

    This is inner side of the collapsible rigid box. It is flat shipped during the transportation. Also the box has 2 magnets for the box seal and closure.

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