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    Company Introduction

    Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China leading custom paper box manufacturer with its headquarter in Shanghai dating back to 2001. It is export oriented and focused. The company specializes in the high graphics paper printed boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid setup boxes and luxury paper bags. The facilities are around 100,000 square meters in total. The featured package products include four|six pack beer|wine bottle carriers, litho-laminated carton boxes, PVC|PET clear window paper box, corrugated printed mailers, cosmetic boxes, color printed box with spot UV and custom die-cut folding boxes.

    We provide the packaging solutions to the various industries worldwide with our custom food boxes, cosmetic boxes, retail packaging boxes, garment boxes, bags, electronic packaging box, wine and beer boxes.

    Since the very beginning of the company in 2001, we have been dedicated to reduce the packaging cost for the global consumer products companies. To ensure the quality, all of our shipping carton boxes are designed and produced by conforming to the international ISTA and ISO standard. Also, the Six Sigma Management System has been implemented in the various production processes to reduce the uncertainties since the early 2014.

    So far, 90% of our products are exported to countries in North America, Europe and Australia. In Australia, a dozen beer and wine companies import the six pack beer|wine bottle carriers from us every year thanks to the great package strength and graphic printing.

    Study suggests that the package plays an important role in the decision making of the consumers. We believe so in the past, at present and in the future. In DE Printed Box, from the CEO to the truck driver, from the graphic designer to the printing press operation, from the production manager to the workers, we all have the same purpose, sending you the best printed packaging boxes for your product.

    DE means noble character, good personality in Chinese. There is an old Chinese saying, the small victory relies on the tricks while the big needs the good virtue. DE people check each artwork of the client carefully and patiently, then confirm with the client again and again to assure the printing quality of the final product. Integrity and reasonable profit are the basics of our philosophy. Our staff are asked to be honest with our clients and never to cheat on purpose. The sales men are told never to seek excessive profit on every order they would deal with. All of these is because that we believe your trust is our air to breath.

    The future is bright. Our mission is to reduce the package costs for global packaging buyers and to protect our beautiful earth though the green printing. Welcome to Shanghai DE printed box.

    Facility Tour

    DE has the most advanced printing press as well as the professional designers and engineers. To increase the printing quality of the corrugated box, we introduced the Heidelberg Speed Master, Man Roland 900 offset printing press. To reduce our paper material costs, we signed the contract with the local paper mills near Shanghai to share the profit. Now we have the modern facilities over 100,000 square meters. Also we introduced the 5S Quality Control System to ensure the safety, quality and price advantage of our products.

    package printing facility in China
    Our Factories on the Map
    Factory View
    High-end Printing Press


    Our printed corrugated box factory and the cardboard gift box factory are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified to conform to the packaging industry international standard and and to protect the environment. Therefore, you can have your interest well protected to let us produce the packaging product for you. As for our bakery food paper packaging box factory in Hangzhou, we can provide you the food direct contact standard paper material and packaging box. And it conforms to the international standard

    ISO9001 certified paper printed box manufacturer
    ISO14001 certified China Shanghai corrugated printed box manufacturer

    Price and Quality Assurance Policy

    We are trying our best to make you believe that we are your wise choice. However, the reasonable profit is the blood of our company to ensure the quality and your interest. Therefore, we may let you down if you just want to get the lowest price.

    As a renowned packaging manufacturer in East China, Shanghai DE Printed Box insists that the paper box quality is our first priority, price second. Our price in the industry is neither the highest or lowest. We never risk the quality and customer service to reduce our paper box price to get your order. Also we are always ready to compensate you if there is any quality problems. Your interest is always what we care most.

    Sustainable Package and Green Printing

    As a leading paper printed package manufacturer in China, we are dedicated to develop the sustainable package and green printing by using the latest printing technology and conforming to the international environmental protection standards. To reduce the VOCs emissions during the various printing processes, we carry out a series of actions on reducing the air pollutants. The green printing strategies are listed below.

    To protect the forest and our beautiful earth, we choose paper suppliers who support the claim of the Rainforest Alliance and adhere to the standard set by the FSC and PEFC. We only use the recycled raw paper materials from the certified paper mills.

    FSC certified paper package manufacturer
    PEFC certified corrugated box manufacturer
    Rainforest Alliance certified manufacturer

    Why Choose Us to Produce the Printed Package for You

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