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  • Magnet Closure Rigid Paper Box

    As a leading China packaging box manufacturer and China rigid paper box supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box produces the rigid paper boxes with the magnet closure.

    A magnet closure rigid box is a type of packaging box known for its sturdy and durable construction, often used for luxury or high-end products. It is typically made of rigid board material like chipboard or paperboard, providing a strong and protective structure.

    magnet closure rigid paper box
    Magnet Closure Rigid Paper Box With Cardboard Insert

    Flip Open Structure

    The rigid paper box with magnet closure has a flip-open box structure on the front and top panels. It just works like a book. The consumers can just open the rigid setup box and see the product inside instantly.

    Magnet Closure

    The magnet closure is the most prominent feature of the cardboard rigid box. There are 4 magnets used, 2 placed inside the front panel of the box tray, and the other 2 magnets placed inside the flipping lid.

    The defining feature of a magnet closure rigid box is its closure mechanism, which involves magnets embedded within the box structure. These magnets are strategically placed to create a secure closure system that keeps the box firmly shut without the need for additional clasps, adhesives, or fasteners.

    The magnets are usually concealed within the walls or flaps of the box, creating an invisible or seamless closure when the box is shut. This magnetic closure adds an element of sophistication and ease of use to the packaging, making it both visually appealing and functional.

    rigid paper box with magnet closure
    Rigid Paper Box With Magnet Closure

    EVA Foam Inserts

    The rigid paper box with magnets usually has the diecut EVA foam insert inside. The EVA foam insert has the custom cutout to hold the cosmetic bottles, jars, or electronic products inside. The EVA foam can be white color, black color and grey color. Also, a printed paperboard can be glued on the top of foam.

    magnet closure rigid paper box with eva foam insert, plastic thermoformed tray insert
    Magnet Closure Rigid Paper Box With Foam Insert or Plastic Tray Insert

    When a client needs a large quantity of the rigid setup boxes with the insert, we usually recommend the plastic formed tray insert. It is more cost-effective when the quantity is large. Since the mold is quite expensive, the price would be very high when the quantity is small.

    Collapsible Rigid Box

    The collapsible rigid box is a special type of magnet closure rigid box, because it is collapsible. This foldable paper box can be setup within a minute to act exactly as the rigid paper box with magnets.

    collapsible rigid paper box with magnet closure
    Collapsible Rigid Paper Box With Magnet Closure

    Printing Methods

    This printed paper box usually has the offset printing inside and outside. Sometimes, the colored paper or structured paper are used for some high-end packaging boxes, like gift paper boxes, or cosmetic paper boxes.

    After the printing is done, we usually add a matte laminating to let the package have a quality feel. Besides, the spot UV and foil stamping are often applied on the top of the box for the brand logo image or texts.

    Rigid Paper Box Printing Inside and Outside With Magnet Closure
    Rigid Paper Box With Magnet Closure

    Magnet closure rigid boxes are commonly used for high-end retail packaging, gift boxes, premium product packaging (such as electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.), and other items where a luxurious and secure packaging solution is desired. They offer a premium look and feel while ensuring the contents inside are well-protected during storage, transportation, and display.

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