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  • Factors in Packaging Decisions

    In Shanghai DE Printed Box, when our clients buy the custom printed paper boxes from us, they make the packaging decisions for several reasons including:


    Packaging serves as a crucial element in safeguarding products from damage during transportation and handling. It also helps reduce spoilage in situations where the product is exposed to air or other external elements. Corrugated printed boxes are a prime example of such packaging that offers excellent protection.


    The design of packaging plays a critical role in catching the attention of customers while they shop or browse through catalogs and websites. This aspect is particularly important for products that are unfamiliar to the customers or in crowded stores such as supermarkets where the product must stand out among thousands of others. Packaging such as rigid paper boxes and gift paper boxes that stand out are more likely to be remembered and purchased again in the future.

    Add Value

    The structure and design of the packaging can add value to the product. For instance, packages that are designed to make the product easier to use can be more beneficial, while stylistic designs can enhance the product's visual appeal when displayed in the customer's home.

    Distributor Acceptance

    Packaging decisions must not only satisfy the final customer but also be acceptable to distributors who sell the product for the supplier. Retailers may not accept packages that do not conform to their requirements for storing products on their shelves.


    Packaging can account for a significant portion of a product's selling price. For example, in the cosmetics industry, packaging costs for some products can be as high as 40% of the product's selling price. Making smart packaging decisions can help reduce costs and potentially lead to higher profits.

    Expensive to Create

    Developing new packaging can be a costly process involving graphic and structural design, production, customer testing, possible destruction of leftover old packaging, and advertising to inform customers about the new packaging.

    Long Term Decision

    Companies often create packaging with the intention of having the design on the market for an extended period. Frequent changes to a product's packaging can have negative effects since customers become accustomed to locating the product based on its packaging and may become confused if the design is altered.

    Environmental or Legal Issues

    Environmental or Legal Issues: Packaging decisions must also consider the environmental impact of the product, especially for products with packages that are frequently discarded. Non-biodegradable packaging can raise customer and possibly governmental concerns. Additionally, packaging must not infringe on intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, or patents held by others.

    In summary, packaging decisions can impact the success of a product in various ways. Companies should consider the factors mentioned above to make informed packaging decisions that satisfy customers, distributors, and legal requirements while also reducing costs and environmental impact.

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