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  • Bag Style Paper Box

    Shanghang DE Printed Box supplies and produces the custom bag style paper boxes. We supply the free dieline template to our clients,then they can put their print design or artwork on the template.

    Also referred to as bag box, the bag style paper box has the oval diecut handles of a typical paper boa while having a auto locked bottom of a common paper box. The bag box is widely used for the carrying of the light weight products, which is around 0.5-1kg or 1-2 pounds.

    Why is bag box great

    The bag box has the many good points, which are listed as below.

    • 1. It is easy to carry with the oval die cut handles.
    • 2. Auto locked bottom for the easy assembling within minute.
    • 3. Flat packging and shipment to reduce the warehouse cost and transportation fees.
    • 4. Gable top, which allows the box to hold more products inside.
    • 5. Elegant body, very eye-appealing.
    bag style paper box, kraft bag box
    bag style paper box, kraft bag box

    Custom Bag Box in DE

    Strong Kraft Paperboard

    In DE Printed Box, our workers use the 300gsm kraft paperboard to make the bag style paper box. The kraft bag box is made of the 100% original paper pulp, which makes the box very durable and strong. The kraft papeboard has the white coated layer outside. The coating renders the box great property for the high quality litho printing. Inside the box, the paperboard has the natural kraft color.

    Another good point of the kraft paperboard is its rigidity and durability. These characteristics provide the box enough strength on the bottom in case of the falling out of the item inside.

    Besides the kraft paperboard, sometimes the SBS C1S paperboard, ivory paperboard, and CCNB paperboard are used too as per the request of our client.

    Bag Box Structure

    Beside the common bag closure on the top, the bag style box can have a gable top. The gable top makes the bag become a box, which has enough space or room inside to pack more products inside. Meantime, the bag style box has an elegant body.

    Shanghai DE Printed Box is a professional custom paper box supplier in China. If you have such a paper box to do, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

    bag style paper box, kraft bag box

    The bag box in the image above is a bag style paper box without an auto bottom, which is used for the packaging of the cat food.

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