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  • Corrugated Carrying Carton

    Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the various custom corrugated carriers, shipping cartons and boxes. These corrugated printed boxes are widely used for the transportation and protection purpose.

    With the incredible strength, cushioning and stacking property, the corrugated printed box is often designed and manufacured in the factory with the custom styles, one of which is the corrugated carrier. The corrugated carrying carton can be designed as a cat carrier with the B flute corrugated board. It can also be designed to carry the beer bottles and wine bottles, like the 4 pack beer bottle carriers, 6 pack beer bottle carriers we have seen in our daily life. They all have the integral handle for the safe and worrying-free transportation of the pets, beers and wines. Sometimes, a plastic handle is attached to the corrugated printed box for the easy carrying.

    Corrugated Carrier for Pet

    The corrugated printed box can be well die-cut to have any shape and design. For the pet carrier box for dog, cat, or bird carrying carton for canaries, the vent holes are cut for the inside air circulation. As for the bottom closure of the carrier box, it is pre-glued and automatic locked. The carrying carton box can be easily assembled within seconds. And it is quite light-weight for the carrying.

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    cat carrier, carrying carton, box, corrugated carrier, corrugated printed boxes

    Corrugated Carrier for Beer and Wine Bottles

    An important factor in the packaging design of beer and wine bottles is the strength and cushioning. The sturdy corrugated box is very perfect to make the beer bottle carrier and wine bottle carrier. During the transportation, the bottles in the corrugated carrying carton are well protected against the bumping and stacking.

    Four Pack, Six Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    Below shows the custom beer bottle carrier for 4 pack and 6 pack. They can be either made of the F flute corrugated board or the kraft paperboard.

    beer bottle carrier, 6 pack beer bottle carrier, corrugated printed boxes

    2 Pack, 3 Pack Wine Bottle Carrier

    The wine bottle carrier has the much the same style as the pet carriers above. With the spot UV for the logo, gold or silver foil and matte laminating, the wine carriers below give the consumers a very luxury quality feel, making a great impact.

    2 pack wine bottle carrier carton box, corrugated printed boxes

    Corrugated Carrying Carton with Plastic Handle

    Without the integral handle for the corrugated carrying carton box, the plastic handle are attached. With the plastic handle, the corrugated box can be stacked very tightly in the warehouse to save the room.

    corrugated carrying box with the plastic handle, corrugated printed boxes

    Corrugated Carrier Printing

    The best quality printing comes from the litho printing on the C1S(coated on one side) paper sheet. Then the sheet is adhered to the surface of the corrugated board on the production line. With the litho printing, also referred to as the offset printing, the cmyk 4 process color + PMS pantone or solid color is available to make a fascinating print. And the spot UV varnish are an option for the final print finish too.

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