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  • Art Coated Paper

    The art paper is a coated paper which has the coating on both sides of the sheet. The coating gives the art paper a high level of accuracy in the reproduction of the colors of the printed box. The basic uses of the art paper are most exclusively used in the advertising and luxury packaging sector to increase the brand recognition. The coating on the art paper can have a gloss, satin, matte or embossed finish and are printed through the sheet fed lith offset printing press.

    booklets printing art paper

    Bookets Made of Art Coated Paper

    Shanghai DE Printed Box uses the high quality Magno Gloss|Satin|Silk series art coated paper for the custom cardboard gift box, rigid box, booklets|manuals printing.

    In our factory, the art coated paper is particularly used for the paper rigid box and luxury paper bag. 128gms, 157gsm art coated paper are widely used as the wraps of the rigid box. 157gms, 250gsm are used for the luxury paper bag.

    luxury paper bag 250gsm art coated paper

    Paper Bag Made of the 250gsm Art Paper

    rigid box wraps art coated paper

    Art Paper Used as the Rigid Box Wrapping Paper

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