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  • EE Flute Corrugated Box

    As a leading China corrugated box supplier and China packaging box manufacturer, Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the EE flute corrugated boxes, which is also referred to double E flute corrugated printed boxes. The EE flute is usually an alternative to the B flute or E flute corrugated boxes when beauty, strength and small volume are in need.

    The EE flute corrugated board is a double wall, 5 ply corrugated paperboard which is quite similar to the BE flute board. Both have very good durability and strength. The difference is the thickness. The double E flute paperboard is thinner, which leads to a lot of benefits.

    Corrugated Box Styles

    Most EE flute cartons have the RSC box style, the full name of which is Regular Slotted Carton. The benefit of this box style is that it is very cost effective. The RSC style is the most economical way to make a EE flute corrugated box because few materials are wasted during the die cutting process.

    EE flute corrugated board, EE flute corrugated box
    EE Flute Corrugated Board
    EE flute corrugated box
    EE Flute Corrugated Box

    Benefits of EE Flute Corrugated Box

    The use of a well-structured EE flute is highly advantageous when it comes to corrugated printed boxes, offering three primary benefits.

    Firstly, the EE flute's slender 3-3.5mm thickness allows for the creation of small-volume printed boxes, which are notably more compact than those made of B or C flutes corrugated boxes. This reduction in size translates into lower delivery and warehousing expenses, making the EE flute corrugated box a highly cost-effective packaging solution for various products.

    Secondly, the EE flute's slim profile also enhances the visual appeal of printed boxes. Cartons litho or flexo printed with EE flutes possess a remarkable aesthetic quality that rivals the beauty of thicker B flute, or C flute cartons. With fewer flutes visible on the surface, EE flute corrugated boxes offer a much sleeker and more refined appearance. This added attractiveness makes them an excellent choice for retail products.

    Lastly, the EE flute's double-walled structure provides exceptional strength and cushioning to the products inside. Due to the 5-ply arrangement of closely connected flutes, EE flute corrugated boxes offer impressive durability and rigidity. This feature ensures that the products remain intact and secure during transport and storage.

    Given the numerous benefits mentioned above, the EE flute corrugated box is undoubtedly an excellent packaging solution for customers seeking a cost-effective, visually appealing, and strong package for their products.

    Printing and Finish

    Regarding the printing and finish, double E flute corrugated box is the same as other paper printed boxes. What is available to any other paper boxes is available to the EE flute corrugated box.

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